I Make Pictures

I Make Pictures

Usually of nature. Often of the desert. Sometimes with people.

I experiment with everything. Old cameras and lenses. Expired film and homemade filters. With varying angles and unconventional framing. And colors and tone curves.

Rio Verde, AZ
Rio Verde, AZ
Bisti Badlands, NM
Bisti Badlands, NM

For me, it is all about the feeling of an image.

The Desert

I Love the Desert

The solitude. The stillness. The vastness.

The alien landscapes. The doomsday storms. And fiery sunsets.

Scottsdale, AZ
White Sands, NM
Bisti Badlands, NM
Vermillion Cliffs, AZ

I’m captivated by it’s harsh beauty.

Shooting Film


I Love Shooting Film

The grain. The colors. The flaws. The unpredictability. The wait.

Shooting film forces me to slow down. And focus on what is most important.


I’m worried that film could completely fade away so I want to make each frame count.

The Open Road

I Love Road Trips

That feeling of freedom. The rush of the unknown.

The excitement that only a full tank of gas, a destination, and a playlist of my favorite songs can bring.


Small towns, remote parks, and forgotten roads are all fair game.

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